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1. Exclusive Referral Network at Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Capital One, MasterCard, Grammarly, TikTok, and many more! 

2. Exclusive Hiring Manager, Recruiter, and Recruiting Agency network! 

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Meet the Team

Who you will be working with.


Get to Know Us

Nice to meet you - this is Alice! 


I aim to build a community that supports international students in breaking through the American corporate world. From receiving job rejections (it’s a lot - I couldn’t even count) to landing double-digit offers from big-name companies such as LinkedIn, Uber, and Bytedance, we know how hard it is to find a job. We want to help!


By sharing our collective knowledge and tapping our tech network, we will open the corporate door for our international students and empower you to find your unique spark. 

OUR strengths

Why Working In Business Functions?

We Are The best In Positioning To Help You Get There!

Working in business functions is a rewarding experience! You will sharpen your business acumen and strategize a project/company's future growth plan, making a BIG and long-lasting impact. 


However, Business functions outside data/engineering are difficult for international students to break into since it requires strong leadership, soft skills, and a solid business understanding. 

We really know how to help INTERNATIONAL Students.

  • You are as good as everyone else! - We have helped international students to figure out their unique stories and strengths to stand out in the interview process.

  • We understand your struggles - CPT, OPT, H1B. You name it. We will provide tips and tricks to guide you through this recruiting process.​​

​Top-notch resources and unparallel learning experience.

  • Our mentors are seasoned senior managers working in various business functions (BCG, Mcksiney, Amazon, Google, to name a few)- they will mentor you on how to think strategically and best position and prepare for the interviews. 

  • You get to form a life-long mentorship in our community.

    • Our executive mentors are VP-level leaders from big FAANG companies and unicorn startups. ​


Systemic Approaches with proven success

  • Our students, on average, receive their interview invite within 1 month and land their offers within 3 months - the results speak for themselves!

  • We combine 1:1 personalized sessions with group class modules to ensure you can apply the right strategy and preparation to your cases.

"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest"

Benjamin Franklin

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415 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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